Funding to assist with COVID-19 preparation (3/31/2020)

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By Rep. Tony Jurgens, 3/31/2020

Good afternoon,
Minnesota lawmakers recently returned to St. Paul to debate more legislation related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


House lawmakers actually approved this comprehensive bill in timely fashion Thursday and on a strong bipartisan basis. Before we left the Capitol in mid-March, we also approved $221 million in funding to assist with COVID-19 preparation and response. Thursday’s approved legislation continues those efforts.

It’s times like this that Minnesotans expect their lawmakers to come together and work together in a bipartisan manner. This isn’t the time for partisan politics, and I’m glad we were able to meet and pass some COVID-19 related legislation. I expect that will happen another time or two in the coming weeks as we work through this time of uncertainty.

Remember, we are all in this together, and like you I look forward to the time when we return to the “normal” we used to enjoy.


Last week, Governor Walz announced a “Stay at Home” executive order, which will limit movement outside homes beyond essential trips until Friday, April 10.

The governor also extended the current closures for bars, restaurants, and other public accommodations under previous executive orders until May 1 and extended distance learning for schools until May 4.

So how does the stay at home order impact you? I know that a lot of you have questions about what this means for your business and day-to-day lives. I am including a link to the Governor’s full order that explains all the details and provides answers to many of the questions you probably have. Click here to see the full order:

Here is a link to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development that lists all “critical” businesses that would remain open:

And another link with more information on business exemptions:

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments as I am here to help. Contact me anytime at or by phone at 651-296-3135.

Take care,

Representative Tony Jurgens
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