Letters in support of me and my candidacy – 2016

Letters in support of me and my candidacy


Here are some excerpts from the letters.

Representative Denny McNamara:

Jurgens is an independent leader, will work across party lines, and he’ll take a common sense approach to serving us in the Minnesota House. He’s worked hard to make our communities stronger in his volunteer work and I know he’ll work even harder to represent us when he’s elected.

Myron Bailey, Mayor Cottage Grove:

I’ve worked with Jurgens on the EDA for many years. He consistently offers well thought out, solution-oriented insights on development issues with a strong emphasis on infrastructure and public services. Jurgens is always forward thinking, fiscally responsible and focused on making things better, which is what I want in a partner at the State Capitol.

Former Representative John Kriesel:

I am proud to endorse Tony Jurgens for the Minnesota House of Representatives. Tony is our biggest advocate as he was named Cottage Grove’s “Volunteer of the Year” in April. As an insurance agent, and with his extensive volunteering experience, it is clear Tony knows how to work hard and will put our families first. I can tell you with confidence that Tony will work hard to lower your health care costs, eliminate wasteful spending, and help create good-paying jobs in our area. Tony is a common-sense, independent leader that will use a balanced approach to represent us at the State Capitol, and you can count on him to always fight for the needs of Cottage Grove’s residents.

Brian Schommer:

Tony Jurgens… dedicated husband, father, community member and small business person with the experience to work for all of us as an independent voice in St. Paul. Tony will bring a balanced approach to the seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Tony is in touch with the community and is the right choice for Minnesota House 54B. In fact, I would say Tony Jurgens is uniquely qualified to represent us in the legislature.

Sharlene Geraghty:

Tony has been a very active volunteer in both Cottage Grove and Hastings. He is a leader on several boards and commissions including the Washington County Library Board and the Hastings Knights of Columbus. He was chosen Cottage Grove Volunteer of the year 2016. Now he would like to be our State Representative. Tony promises to work for us and our best interests. He is interested in working for schools of excellence and affordable health care. He’ll support veterans and a prosperous small business climate to make more jobs available.

Jerome Bambenek:

I have worked with Tony Jurgens for over eight years on the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Finance Council and recently on Hastings Knights of Columbus leadership. During this time I observed that Tony understands the issues being dealt with, provides leadership suggestions and puts in much effort to make good things happen. I have not been involved in politics before but when Tony asked me to be involved in his campaign, I accepted, as I would very much like to see him represent this district at the Minnesota House of Representatives. I believe he would make an excellent leader and representative.

Jewel Pickert:

I’ve reviewed the numerous pieces of literature from Don Slaten compared with two from Tony Jurgens. One thing is apparent to me. Tony Jurgens advocates for fiscal responsibility both as an individual and for government. And, he has experience with money matters. He has served as an insurance agent and as a treasurer. He has extensive experience volunteering for and listening to citizens in the community. He is for curbing unnecessary governmental spending and for tax relief. Tony is for accountability, responsibility and independence from governmental overreach. I can’t think of a better way to foster a community of excellence.

Andrew R. McCoy:

I first came to know Tony while flipping pancakes with him at Hastings Knights of Columbus breakfasts. Normal small talk about our careers caused me to gain respect for him as when we started discussing whom I had my insurance with, Tony only had good things to say about my agent and he just encouraged me to keep him in mind if I ever needed anything. Years later, I did contact him and he was extremely professional in taking over my account and got right to work offering suggestions for my consideration to improve my policies. This summer Tony reinforced my opinion of him when he agreed to take the position of Grand Knight for our Council even though he had found himself quite unexpectedly running for political office. Even though he has been involved with this election, he has still taken the time to be available for various requests and bring his own ideas.

Ken Brittain:

I have served with Tony Jurgens on the Cottage Grove Charter Commission and the city’s Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. Jurgens keeps an open mind to issues at hand and works hard to hear all sides of an issue before coming to a conclusion on the best course of action. I have seen his strong support of community needs while balancing the fiscal cost at the same time. As a volunteer, Jurgens has been exposed to many sides of local government and its needs at both a local and state level. Jurgens is an ideal candidate to serve the community with the experiences and character to actually get things done.

Michael Edman:

I served with Tony Jurgens on the Cottage Grove Public Works Commission for several years, as well as the Cottage Grove Charter Commission. I was immediately impressed by his thoughtful approach and calm, even demeanor. His skill at tackling complex and somewhat controversial issues was a significant asset to the charter commission in particular. Over the years, we found many instances where we would agree, yet many others where we did not, and I always enjoyed our conversations in which we challenged each other to better understand the issue we were debating. Jurgens’ willingness to volunteer and give back to his community are well known, but his skill at thoughtfully approaching issues from all sides will be his greatest asset serving the district in St. Paul. I once worked at the Capitol in St. Paul, and I have seen firsthand the type of legislators who are effective and those who are not. I am confident that Jurgens will be an excellent state representative, much in the mold of Denny McNamara.

Jack Lavold:

Jurgens will bring to the Legislature the same talents he finely honed building his own business. Jurgens has used these same talents to provide direction and leadership to many projects in Cottage Grove, Washington County and in his congregation. In 2017 and 2018, he will provide this same quality of leadership in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Sam Awad:

When voting for local elected officials, it is something we all should take seriously as it has the ability to impact directly the communities we live in. That is why I wholeheartedly endorse Tony Jurgens for state representative. I have worked alongside Jurgens on the steering committee and have had the opportunity to get to know him well while supporting his campaign. Jurgens’ ability to focus on gaining traction and his commitment to our community is unmatched. He is a strategic leader who does not allow partisanship to get in the way of accomplishing what is important to our community.

Gary Wynia:

I want to encourage everyone to vote yes for Tony Jurgens in the upcoming election. Jurgens is Grand Knight of the Hastings Knights of Columbus Council and has been active as a Knight since joining. He has brought new ideas to the council as a Grand Knight and remained active, even during his busy campaign schedule. His leadership and enthusiasm has brought encouragement to all members to participate in all areas of volunteering.

Marie Skinner:

I am not a Republican. I am not particularly conservative either. However, I feel compelled to write this letter in support of Tony Jurgens for election to the Minnesota House of Representatives for District 54B. In this case, party affiliation should not even enter into the decision. We could not ask for a better person to represent our community. I know firsthand what a caring, compassionate, collaborative representative Jurgens can be. I first worked with him as a member of the Cottage Grove Charter Commission. He was our vice chair and did an excellent job. He moderated meetings in a calm, courteous manner, listening to all points of view, helping us to reach decisions without drama or rancor. I have also worked with Jurgens as a member of the Washington County Library Board. He brought the same previously mentioned skills to that position as well. I have no reservations in encouraging everyone in District 54B to send Jurgens to the House on Nov. 8.

Leon J. Endres:

I respect how Tony approaches difficult issues by considering information from several perspectives before making a decision. I know that when he is in the legislature, he’ll take a balanced approach, will represent his constituents and won’t get pulled into divisive partisanship. I think Tony is uniquely qualified to represent us in the House of Representatives because of his strong ties to both Cottage Grove and Hastings. He is a perfect fit to replace Rep. Denny McNamara as our state representative. Please join me in voting for Tony Jurgens for the House of Representatives.

Justin Olsen:

It’s my belief that we need more people like Tony to run for office, to advance the cause of partnership and common sense versus partisan gridlock in Saint Paul. He is a reasonable and rational person who will listen intently to all ideas from both sides of the aisle, with the courage to vote independently based on his own assessment of the facts. He is more than worthy of your vote on November 8th!