State Representative Tony Jurgens is delivering on his promise to make healthcare more affordable.

Finally a lawmaker who keeps his promisesFinally! A lawmaker who keeps his promises.

Lowering Rates on the Individual Market: Thanks to bipartisan reforms championed by Tony Jurgens, double-digit premium increases have come to a stop for those who buy their insurance on the individual market. In fact, rates are expected to actually decrease for next year’s premiums.

Combating Surprise Billing: Out-of-network costs can cost patients thousands of dollars, and many Minnesotans had no idea they had to pay for these costs until after their procedures. Thanks to Tony, surprise billing is a thing of the past and patients must be informed of possible out-of-network costs before any procedure.

Providing More Choices, Better Access to Care: Tony Jurgens didn’t just work to lower health care costs – he fought to improve access as well. Tony passed bipartisan reforms to bring more competition into the market, expand health plan options for seniors and employees, and strengthen care network access for Minnesota families.

On November 6, re-elect State Representative Tony Jurgens!