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Meet Tony Jurgens–watch this profile video by South Washington County Telecommunications Commission.

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Hi. I’m Tony Jurgens. I’m running for the Minnesota House of Representatives. My wife Dawn and I moved to Cottage Grove almost 24 years ago and we raised our two daughters here. I’ve worked hard to make Cottage Grove stronger by volunteering on several boards and commissions often in the leadership role.

I was honored that Mayor Bailey and the city council named me volunteer of the year. I’ve been involved with the neighborhood watch program as our block captain and we hosted the Night to Unite neighborhood block party at our home on Jody Avenue for 10 years. I’m currently on the Economic Development Authority and I chair the Public Services Commission. I’m on the Comprehensive Plans Steering Committee and the Washington County Library Board. I also volunteer my time as the vice-chair of the finance council at my church and I’m the Grand Night in the Nights of Columbus.

In the past I’ve also chaired the Public Works Commission and I was vice-chair of the Cottage Grove Charter Commission.

Everything I’ve done has been to make a difference and to make our communities stronger, but the selfish reason is that I enjoy it. I love the diversity of the responsibilities and the diverse groups of people that I get to know and work with. I want to be your State Representative so I can take that involvement to the next level to represent you, represent your families, represent your businesses in Saint Paul.

When I ran track and cross country in high school I learned that when you set a goal to win, you have to work hard to accomplish that goal. I did that as a runner and now I’m doing it as a candidate. I’ve been working hard on this campaign knocking on thousands of doors to be your next state representative.

I’ve talked to many of you who have shared your concerns with the escalating cost of health care, the frustration that the legislature and the governor let party politics get in the way of finishing their job. There was a bonding bill that would provide funding for roads and bridges, maintaining buildings at the University of Minnesota, and money for the infrastructure to keep our drinking water safe. It had bipartisan support but they let politics get in the way and it didn’t get done. When I’m in the legislature I’ll take a balanced approach, I’ll work to eliminate wasteful spending and I will protect your tax dollars while making the needed investments in education, roads and bridges, and services for veterans, seniors, and disabled Minnesotans.

Retiring representative Denny McNamara has endorsed me and so has former representative John Kriesel and I am proud to be endorsed by both business and labor groups, but the most important endorsement comes from you the voters.

I’m Tony Jurgens, and on Tuesday, November 8th I’d be proud to earn your vote. Please check us out at or on our Facebook page TonyJurgens54B.