Watch this candidate forum

Here is a video of last night’s Candidate Forum sponsored by Hastings Community TV and the Hastings Chamber of Commerce.

Here are the questions that were asked at the forum:

Opening statement–please introduce yourself and provide any information you wish regarding your background and experience.

Why are you running, and tell us, what leadership qualities do you feel you have that would benefit our district if elected?

The budget. When looking at the state budget, what items do you feel should receive less funding, if any? And on the flip side, what items do you feel should receive more funding, if any?

Addressing health care costs. There’s been a rising concern for the rising cost of healthcare, for both individuals and businesses. How do you propose the state legislature should address this concern for Minnesotans and Minnesota businesses?

Public education. What is your assessment of the state of public education in Minnesota? What actions by the legislature, if any, do you feel would improve it?

If elected, what is your top item of legislation you plan to focus on and why?

You will now be able to ask a question to each other.

Closing statement. This is your final opportunity tonight to address the voters. In your response please tell them why they should vote for you and provide any other information you wish.